The Zeal Dj network is a professional customer focused company serving all of  New England and NY !
From providing entertainment  at your casual back yard summer party to a very formal wedding 
 you will always be assured with confidence that you made the correct  hiring choice  
       Within your audience our top rated , award winning , experienced staff  members will create a superb  balance of  personalized interaction .  
                       The comprehensive preparation and performance results that we provide everyday is only a few of several  reasons that  
                                                                     NY and New England's preferred choice is The Zeal  DJ  Network !  
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                          Backed by thousands of events , keeping your guests on the dance floor is what we do best !
      From our planning process we will already know what styles and selections of music to play for your guests .   
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  $295 Teen Partrys     
Award  Winning  Services 


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We Guarantee to provide the lowest rates 
within NY and all of New England 

If you receive a lower price quote from another company please provide your lower rate information for our review include the company name and general information 
We will surely price match or attempt to adjust our prices lower than our competitors rates  by up to 10 % 

Our Lowest rate guarantee policy requires
all quotes must be provided from a full time reputable entertainment company  that is 
licensed  , fully insured and 
Members of the BBB 

 Lowest Rate Guarantee 
   Up to 5 Hrs
    Up to 4 Hrs
 Any age 
  Party !       
$320 4 hrs

  Licensed & Insured
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Teen Events $295 3 hrs
Zeal DJ Network BBB Business Review
NY  646 837-7602
CT 860 474-4632
RI 401 270-5534 
MA 978 806-0014
NH 603 318-0846
VT 802 466-4042
ME  207 221-0514

  Affordable  Wireless up-lighting 
Lowest Rate Wedding DJ 

Great for the price  Rated as 5 star 
I was initially very surprised at the low cost of ZEAL DJ NETWORK when checking various DJ rates for my upcoming wedding; most were at least $1,000 for the night, where ZEAL was considerably less, and un-like most others, they did not ask for a deposit  RIGHT AWAY . Barry, the owner & operator of the company was extremely informative and very easy to talk to in terms of planning everything. He makes you feel at ease almost immediately. He helped make the planning process go as smoothly as possible, and was always very prompt with returning phone calls. He was always right on top of things. The DJ did a fantastic job. 
Everything was set-up inside & out before my bride & I arrived at the venue. He had all the pre-requested music ready in the exact order we had asked for, and the ceremony & reception was flawless in terms of the music. The DJ also did a very good job at getting people on the dance floor, and generally making sure everyone was enjoying themselves with various games & photos. He was also very receptive to on the spot requests, and did a very good job with playing everything that was asked for almost immediately.   Brian Booth 
BEST RI DJ !  Rated as 5 Star  
I hired The Zeal DJ Network for my outdoor ceremony and Wedding Reception . The customer service efforts that the owners provided us was great ! Within one month prior to my wedding , they provided our formal dance selections on a audio cd for my review ! More than several follow up calls was made by their customer service department and assigned DJ . The DJ that was assigned to my wedding was fantastic , certainly much more than I expected or could ask for . I highly recommend this service to anyone that really is counting on a DJ service that will deliver what they promise ! 
High quality and very affordable ! Sue Providence RI 
  $45-$95 Deposit Required for most events !          Limited Avilaibility  
Any business can claim to be trustworthy
Those with the Better Business Bureau
 seal have proven it  
========Start With Trust =======
              American Disc Jockey Association   -   Zeal DJ Network is Licensed & Insured 
Zeal DJ Network BBB Business Review

                       "  ADJA Code of Professional Conduct "
  As a member of the ADJA, I commit myself to business excellence and will:

• Operate my business in an ethically sound manner while maintaining the highest standards of  
   professional conduct.
• Abide by all laws and regulations governing my professional activities.
• Use legal forms of music and performance materials in the conduct of my entertainment services.
• Be honest and realistic conveying talent, abilities, and level of services to my clients.
• Deliver products and services to my clients, as promised, to the best of my abilities.
• Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and        other essential information.
• Provide a safe work environment with adequate protection for my clients & their guests.
• Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities.
                                                        Experience You Trust 
Secured online contract Experience backed by 29 years & thousands of events All Events outside-inside 
Paperless DJ Planner no downloading Highly Skilled DJ Network members ~ Customized Play List options 
Premium updated DJ equipment  Servicing NE & NY no travel fees ~ Updated Online Music Database 

                                                           Rates You Afford ! 
      Up front Pricing no package gimmicks ~ Lowest Rate Guarantee  ~ Optimum  Affordable Lighting Options 
       Convenient Payment  Methods CC -Cash - Debit ~  Competitive Video Service rates and editing services   
                                 The DJ Performance Leaders & Pro Level Difference
 Full Time Entertainment Company ~ Customer Support office Location ~  Certified Boston BBB Members  
     Top Rated Award Winning services National  Affiliated Accreditation's Licensed & Fully Insured 
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